The traffic safe bicycle

In order to move safely from A to B, it is essential that your bicycle is in good condition and has the right equipment.

According to the Luxembourg Code de la Route, a bicycle must be equipped with the following:

  1. a bell
  2. two independent brakes
  3. a white or yellow light at the front
  4. at least 2 spoke reflectors per wheel or a continuous reflective strip on the tires
  5. reflectors on the pedals
  6. red reflector
  7. red rear light

Insufficient lighting on the bicycle is punished with a fine of 74€. A fine of 49€ will be given if there are no reflectors on pedals or in the wheels.

Under the following document you will find further rules of conduct for safe cycling in road traffic.

The mandatory equipment of the bicycle can be found in the following document, prepared by the Sécurité Routière.