Report problem spots

If you travel by bike every day, you surely sometimes notice deficiencies in cycling infrastructure, such as missing markings, safety deficiencies or missing signage. What can you do about it?

Report the problems you encounter to the institutions that are responsible for maintenance:

The national network of bicycle paths is created and maintained by the Administration des Ponts des Chaussées (Road Administration). Problem spots can be reported by mail to It is recommended to describe the problem as precisely as possible and attach a photo to further illustrate the situation.

At the regional and local level, problem areas should be reported to the responsible municipalities. Here it can always be advantageous to put us as ProVelo in copy of the mail (, so that we can inquire at a later time or in a meeting with the municipalities whether the problem places were fixed.

Many communities have a "traffic commission" which also deals with cycling. Some municipalities also have local cycling associations which can support you with a lot of experience. 

These include, among others :