You cannot (yet) ride a bike? You finally want to learn it? Then you are right with us!

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular – active mobility on two wheels is a trend. However, cycling does not come naturally for everyone and many people – both, young and old – often find themselves excluded from this practice - be it because they never had an occasion to learn it, because they feel insecure handling a bike or because they feel overburdened while participating in traffic circulation.

For many, cycling is initially connected with bad experiences, fear and insecurities. When participating in our cycling courses, you can approach cycling in an atmosphere of trust, where your fears will be taken seriously.
You will be able to learn cycling in a calm environment, step by step, at your speed, in a small group.

On occasion, we also organise cycling schools for children. In these, it is important for us to offer a safe space  where they can follow their natural strategies to develop their skills and intuitions.
Through exercises and games, the kids will be invited and stimulated to discover, to move, to dare and to try - the complex capacity to drive a bike safely will be developed through these activities.
The course is based on games, exercises and trainings on the bike and is targeted for children from the age of 8 and onwards.

Scooters and bicycles for the courses will be provided. The courses will be held by a moveo·ergo·sum licensed cycling teacher. This method was developed by Christian Burmeister, pioneer in terms of cycling courses in Germany. It is based on a comprehensive concept that is founded psychologically, didactically as well as on sports science.
The courses are held in Luxembourgish, French, German and English.

You can find the dates of upcoming cycling courses for adults and children here.