Our partner organizations


As an organization that aims to make cycling safer in everyday life but also in leisure time in Luxembourg, we as ProVelo are supported by various partners. Both at national and European level, we regularly collaborate with other organizations and activist groups to achieve the goal of safe cycling. Our partners include :  

At a national level

Although ProVelo.lu represents the interest of all cyclists in Luxembourg, we are not always fully familiar with local conditions in different municipalities, as we do not use the cycling infrastructures there on a daily basis. Therefore, we welcome the fact that more and more local cycling organizations are emerging to advocate for bicycle-friendly policies in their commune or region, or to use cycling as a means of social integration. For this reason, we regularly work with the following partners to organize events or prepare for meetings with communities.

Partners doing political work:

- Vëlo Diddeleng for the commune of Dudelange

- Esch Biken + Vélorution Esch for the commune of Esch

- The Nordstaadt regional of the Mouvement Ecologique for the communes of Diekirch and Ettelbrück

- Collaboration with organizations such as the Mouvement Ecologique, Klimabündnis Lëtzebuerg, Natur+Ëmwelt and Youth4Climate on projects with a sustainable character

Partners active in the social domain : 

- Equivelo

- Tandems de la vue

Take a look at the projects and work of these partner organizations - maybe this will awaken your interest to get involved on a local level yourself.

Institutional partners

- Ville de Luxembourg and Lycée des Arts et Métiers : Help in the organisation of our cycling courses

- Lycée Technique du Centre :  Repair workshop courses

- Lycée Technique d'Ettelbruck : Collaboration in the "Biking at school" project


At European level

ProVelo has been a member of the European Cycling Federation, which represents the interests of all cyclists in Europe, since 1985. We participate annually in the Assemblée Générale of the ECF and are present at the "Velocity" organized by them. We generally adhere to the ECF's views and visions on mobility as a whole. Within this platform, there is a regular exchange between member organizations - resulting in a networking of ideas, an exchange of best practice examples and more visibility for projects of all members.

Here are a few examples of various European projects in which we as ProVelo are involved or which we represent at the European level in Luxembourg:  

- ProVelo is the coordinator of the EuroVelo cycling network in Luxembourg

- The label "Bed and Bike", launched by our German partner organization ADFC (Allgemeinder Deutscher Fahrradclub).

- ProVelo, together with many European partners, advocates for a general speed limit of 30km/h within residential areas. 

- ProVelo regularly participates through local events in Luxembourg in the "Kidical Mass" event weeks launched in Germany by the organization "Kinderaufsrad".