Our Philosophy - Everyone who wants to ride a bicycle should be able to do so under the best possible conditions.

The bicycle symbolizes a change in mobility, away from problems such as traffic jams, air pollution and noise.  A policy that promotes soft and active mobility contributes to a more sustainable, environmentally better and healthier society. In the words of ECF President Henk Swarttouw : "Cycling is one of the best and cheapest solutions to save our planet that has been available for years". 

We as ProVelo are therefore committed to the peaceful coexistence and mutual respect of all road users. However, it must be noted that in Luxembourg, the motorized individual transport in particular is still a political and social priority, often to the detriment of people who want to move safely from A to B by bicycle.

What is true for cycling is equally true for pedestrians and people with reduced mobility. Too often, infrastructures such as roads, squares and facilities are designed with the main focus on motorized road users. Therefore, we advocate to ministries and municipalities for a more inclusive and equal distribution of public space. 

Mobility must be accessible to the entire population and meet the needs of young and old. However, the bicycle can only fulfill its role as a solution to today's mobility problems if bike rides are safe, comfortable and time-saving for everyone.