With the bike in public transport

Since February 29, 2020, public transport is free both for Luxembourg residents and tourists. This  applies to trains, tramways and buses. Passengers no longer need to buy a ticket, the only exception being 1st class tickets.

Bicycles can be carried on the train network free of charge and without reservation in Luxembourg. Taking your bike along is, however, subject to the availability of free seats and space on the train. It is strictly forbidden to ride your bike on the platforms and in the station - bicycles, scooters or any other two-wheeled vehicle must be pushed by hand. When the train arrives, locate the green compartment for bicycles. Please note that wheelchair users and people with strollers always have priority. Loading and unloading your bike or e-bike is always the responsibility of the user. For safety reasons, bicycles must be placed in the designated area.

Bicycles can also be taken on the bus free of charge, as long as there is enough space on the bus and it does not disturb other passengers. It is however possible for the driving and supervisory staff to prohibit the taking of bicycles on the bus at any time, should people with strollers or a physical impairment need the space for example.

In addition, the concept of the mBox bicycle boxes is intended to facilitate the combination of bicycle, bus, train or streetcar. At the same time, your bike is more secure against theft and vandalism. http://www.m-box.lu/

On the following CFL websites, you can get more information as to which services for bicycles are available at railway stations and which services are available in the trains themselves.