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The history of our association

On October 4, 1984, a bicycle demonstration organized by the Luxembourg-city section of the Mouvement Ecologique took place in Luxembourg. This demonstration was the first step in the foundation of our organization, which is known today as

The initial goal was to create an association that would reflect purely the interests of cyclists in Luxembourg. On March 29, 1985, the statutes of the "Lëtzebuerger Vëlos Initiativ" were signed. The first president was the engineer Paul Faber , who is still in the ranks of our committee today.  Early members were mainly former students who had experienced the bicycle culture in other big cities in the 80's and still missed the same energy in Luxembourg.

Manifestations were an integral part of the LVI since its beginning - from 1984 to 1997, annual demonstrations took place. The focus of these protests was mainly on cycling in a big group, and underlining political demands through concrete, sometimes provocative actions.

Equally emblematic for our organization is the information leaflet "LVI Info" which was published for the first time in 1986 and since then informs the members about our activites, about public projects and about positive examples of cycling projects from abroad. 

Volunteers of our organization have also been active in the leisure sector for a long time : for more than 25 years we have been offering our members and friends cycling tours inside and outside Luxembourg.

Leaflet for the founding meeting of the LVI in 1984

The LVI had first contacts with European partner organizations very early : since 1985 it has been part of the European Cycling Federation ( ECF ) founded in 1983.  We have also been represented at the major bike shows in Europe for more than 10 years - in 2010, the LVI was present for the first time in Bonn for example. 

The current president, Monique Goldschmit, has been in office since 2016. The ProVelo comittee is currently composed of nine members, while the bureau consists of four permanent staff members.

In 2020, at the official congress, the LVI decided to rebrand itself externally, with a new logo and a new name. The "LVI" became "ProVelo" - the new identity should do justice to the multicultural and multilingual cycling community in Luxembourg.

Especially in recent years, the emergence of the cycling boom in Luxembourg is also noticeable in the steady increase of our membership. From 2010 to 2022 this increased from 1000 to almost 1800 members.    

The LVI Committee in 2002, when the ECF held its General Assembly in Luxembourg